Yoga in Het Amsterdamse Bos!

Lets charge ourselves with positive vibes of Yoga and the Nature in Het Amsterdamse Bos! If you love Yoga and enjoy Nature this class is for you!

Every Saturday at 10.00 (from the 2nd of June 2018) you can nourish yourself with powerful energy of Earth, Sun & Air!

What can be better then:

Practice on the Nature is not just Yoga.
It is also grounding, breathing lots of oxygen, absorbing sun-rays, enjoying green views of Het Amsterdamse Bos and much more…

Every Saturday at 10.00 till 11.15 we practice in Het Amsterdamse Bos!

After the lesson we will stay for snacks and tea – you are welcome to bring smth yummy. 

Photos from the Yoga in Het Amsterdamse Bos 

At the end of the class you will feel refreshed, uplifted, happy and inspired!


Benefits of staying outdoors

Nature Makes Us Happier, Healthier, and More Creative. Psychologists and health researchers are finding more and more science-backed reasons why we should go outside and enjoy the natural world. They have already proved that it’s important to stay outdoors, since it is beneficial for human health.

Being outdoors…

Join our classes on Saturday at 10.00-11.15 (starting from the 9th of June 2018).

Coordinates of the location: 52.3249956, 4.8540898

It´s close to the entrance into the forest and you can recognize this place by the Artwork ¨Family Ties¨ by Serge Verheugen on your left. In case of a bad weather you will receive a notice about class cancellation 4 hours before its beginning.

Enroll at Yoga in Het Amserdamse Bos:, +31 6 19 25 67 57

Payment. If you have an abonement, you don’t need to pay extra. If you don’t, you can transfer payment afterwards or pay in cash) With abonement the price is 10 euros (10 classes, valid 4 month) & single class is 15. 

NB In case of bad weather you will receive a notice 4 hours before the class about its cancellation. 

Looking forward to practice yoga together in Het Amsterdamse Bos!