Restorative Yoga

triyoga_london_relax_yoga-585x380 The goal of Restorative Yoga is to achieve physical, mental and emotional relaxation with help of simple physical, breathing and mental exercises.

Restorative yoga allows to handle pressures of everyday life with ease and helps to deal with physical and mental symptoms that are stress related. It is one of the most effective ways to keep fast pace of the life, staying healthy and happy.


kievyoga-img_6737-smallRestorative Yoga Lessons

Exercises, that are used in Restorative Yoga, are simple and might be performed with the props, that help to relax deeper. It is not about achieving certain goal, but about being able to relax our body and mind. A big role in an exercise plays breath. Being a bridge between physical and mental systems, it helps to manipulate sympathetic (active) and parasympathetic (passive) nervous system states. Some of the exercises are performed standing, but mostly the sequence is build with sitting and lying positions.


joga_meditatsii_relaks_kitajskaja_klassicheskaja_muzikaRestorative Yin Yoga

The peculiarity of Restorative Yin Yoga is that there is almost no muscular contraction involved. Unlike our common beliefs that the goal can be achieved through hard work, this class gives you possibility to relax fully, so that tension can slowly be released and the stretch happen! This class will help, when you are low on energy, feel exhausted, prevent or recover after the burn out.


What to expect after the Restorative Yoga class: