Yoga in Het Amsterdamse Bos!

Lets charge ourselves with positive vibes of Yoga and the Nature in Het Amsterdamse Bos! If you love Yoga and enjoy Nature this class is for you! Every Saturday at 10.00 (from the 2nd of June 2018) you can nourish yourself with powerful energy of Earth, Sun & Air! What can be better then: a

Regular Classes on Sat & Sun

Dear Friends, I invite you to regular Yoga classes every Saturday, 10.00-11.15 in Het Amsterdamse Bos & every Sunday, 10.00-11.15 & 11.45-13.00 in Yoga Spot. For more information follow the links. Looking forward to practice with you!  

Workshop-Meditation with awakened Crystals, June

Dear Friends Workshop-Meditation with awakened Crystals Activation of the Life energy for creating your future. Purification from the energies that block achievement of the goals. During the workshop-meditation you will experience the secrets of creation of Your Reality. You will get the power to consciously Create beautiful World with Love, Joy & Inspiration. Awaken Crystals