I met Natasha 5 years ago and she opened to me a magic world of Yoga. We spent a lot of wonderful moments together, had adventures, trips, practices and discovered ourselves…In 2012 we went to the one of the most spiritual mountain in the world Tibet. It was not just a trip to see the culture, nature and make nice pictures. First of all it was a trip to myself, to look deeply inside of me, my soul and feelings.
When I was thinking about Tibet, I had in my imagination mountains, brushes, poverty, spiritual etc. But being there – all I had in my mind was ruined. Mountains – yes, trees and brushes – no, poverty – you never seen and never could imagine such poverty as in this country, spiritual – on highest level. We made a track around Kailash Mountain on the high of 5680 meters. As local people say, if you make a track around Kailash (53 km) you soul and mind will be clean, and heart – full of love and happiness. It was June and temperature was (minus)-5, snow, freezing and we did a track around the mountains. It took for us 3 days, 2 cold nights on the high of more than 5 km, fully exhausted body but lots of happiness at the end. What was interesting and the most motivated thing is that everyone passing you said “Deshidale” (hello) with a wide smile. Women with kids on their back, yaks, horses, who followed Indian groups, Tibetian black tea with yak’s milk and salt, lots of tourists praying in different languages, having the same goal, they passed all difficulties. It was amazing to see how people motivate themselves and in the same time motivate you. Inspirational faces after this tracking said everything without any word. Now I continue practicing yoga, planning new tracks and lots on time in my mind come to Kailash mountain and relive that time again. During that track I leaned to live happy and to feel happiness every day, as we are so lucky people to live comfortable life, to have families, friends, good job, we can see the sun, flowers, trees around us, we can travel where we want and discover ourselves in the way we like. Just imagine, that there is a place on this planet, where children never seen a live flower just because of the reason that none of flowers grow in that place. We are really happy people and need to appreciate it. I’m extremely thankful to this World, that it gave such kind of experience, for people around, for Natasha’s presence in my life and for much more I have now. THANK YOU!