Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga – is the best way to balance the body. During the class we stretch and strengthen all major muscles of the body. We bend and twist the spine in all directions. Coordination of breath and movement helps to relax the nervous system. Long fixation of the poses helps to be more aware of sensations. Asanas are explained in details, adjusted and held for 1-2 minutes.

Although Hatha yoga class is recommended for both beginners and advanced practitioners, there are different levels of the class.

At the Gentle/Basics/Beginner Hatha class you will learn basic simple asanas, their variations and how to perform them correctly. We pay more attention to the breath and correct exercises performance. Warriors, triangles, sited static positions, twists, backhands. You will learn the effect of asanas and their contraindications.

Intermediate Hatha Yoga class expects you to already know alignment of basic yoga poses and be ready to get acquainted with for more challenging standing asanas, hand balances, deeper hip openers and back bends.

Advanced Yoga lesson includes the asanas that combine two or more challenges (for ex. arm balance with the half lotus).  Lotus pose and arm balance are essential for this type of yoga.

After the class you will feel very grounded, relaxed, balanced and energized!