Exercises ¨The Eight Pearls¨

June Birthstone Pearl 1Exercises developing sensuality, sexuality, femininity. 

Close your eyes. Place your palms on your lower belly, under the navel. feel the palms and their warmth and make few deep breath moving your belly in and out. Imagine beauty around yourself. Flowers, birds, glory, smile, tenderness,… – feel them with each cell of your body. Direct the warmth into your organs. Feel passion, magnetism, desire…

Draw big circles with your pelvis – slowly and counter-clockwise. As you move the hips forward inhale, backward – exhale. Warm and tender passion fills your organs in. Feeling the tights, the hips. Sensually. Feeling your sexuality and beauty. To balance – move equal quantity of circles forth and back.

Draw the infinity sign with your hips, lifting them them one by one. Accumulating youth and joy. Your hips are attracting, inviting…

As you inhale move the pelvis forward engaging the pelvic floor muscles – hold for 5 seconds, move the pelvis back, slowly relaxing. Repeat min 5 times. Imagine the swing that throws you up where everything is possible…

Inhale – lift your palms along your body, squeezing the vagina muscles and hold for 5 seconds. Exhale – feel the wave of energy falls down as if it were an ocean wave.

Lay on the back. Inhale on 5 counts, arching the back. Exhale – relax and suck the tummy in. Hold for 5 second. Repeat min 5 times. Feel the grace and flexibility of your body.

Lay on the back. Move your pelvis from side to side. Feel that your hips are light, as if you were a charming butterfly.

As you exhale suck the belly in, squeeze the pelvis muscles and hold for 5 seconds. Free yourself from the pain. When you inhale fill yourself up with fragrance of jasmine blossom. It’s a special type of the breath, repeat it min 5 times, finishing with the muscles tension.

Imagine yourself being surrounded by the flowers, fragrances, colors, joy, freshness…You are the queen of love, you are passion, tenderness…You are full of desire to share with your beloved…Invite him into your dance, feel his heart beating with you in the same rhythm.

The exercises are learnt from Evgeniia Vanagt, teacher of femininity – http://efrolova.com/en/