Annapurna Circuit 2016, Notes

csc_0110Part 1 – in the middle of the Annapurna Trecking

We are one step before the most responsible day of the trecking. Tomorrow we will wake up at 3 am to start climbing up the mountains at 4.30 towards the mountain pass Thorung La.

4 month before the trip

Italian airport. Coming back from a magnificent trip around Italy with my husband, we understood, that impressions that we received during our trip to Himalayas are much stronger and deeper compering to those, received during our European journeys.

Decision was made – we are going to Himalayas!!!

On arrival home we shared our impressions with friends. And in a month there were 13 person, sharing our dreams and going with us to the Annapurna Circuit in Nepal.

dsc_005110 days before the trip

The tickets are bought. Group is ready! Trecking equipment is prepared.

But…My husband’s passport is lost!!!

What a surprise, lesson, karma…whatever!!! The journey that we’ve dreamed about is not going to happen?

We had searched it everywhere – embassies, police offices, lost & founds of 3 countries… I prayed with all my heart, meditated and…finally I saw a dream where the passport was – one month ago we forgot it at the post office. 4 days before the trip we picked it up. We were so happy to get it back and to travel together! And we were grateful to receive such a great lesson from the life!

dsc_0031DAY 1

Although the trip from Amsterdam to Kathmandu took 17 hours we were not tired, but happy and excited.

DAY 2-3

We met and got acquainted with all the participants of our international group – Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, Russia, USA, Slovenia… Everyone is very positive, friendly, courageous and…  crazy – to dare to such a journey, you have to be a bit;)

Traveling around Kathmandu we all understood that it’s hardly possible to strictly plan something in Nepal. The traffic was uncontrolled, traffic jams, drivers, waiters, everyone – was about 1 hour late. Our decision was to relax and go with the flow. Of course, our busy minds were struggling and trying to logically explain how do they live in such a mess and moreover – how they manage to be happy?

Is is possible to experience, but difficult to explain…

dsc_0001DAY 4

6 hours in traffic jams…

12 hours on the extremely dangerous mountain road jumpin up and down inside the jeeps. One of the jeeps was broken, so part of the journey we had to walk. Cold hotel where we arrived at night seemed a paradise after this journey!

DAY 5-8

Moving higher and higher – about 8 hours per day by walk. Everyday we gaining about 500 meters altitude. Although our muscles are in pain, it is not hard at all. Beautiful views of Himalayas, sounds of the rivers, magnificent nature, wild animals, friendly and positive people around, simple and nourishing food, yoga and positive intention…all of these makes our journey unforgettable! Even absence of the comfort, shower and cold nights seems to be an inspiring adventure for us!

csc_0132THE PASS

We have to get up at 3-30 a.m. to start the journey across the pass at 4-30 a.m. The temperature of the air is about minus 5. At 10 we have to be already on the altitude of 5600 m above the sea level. The temperature will change to plus 15, with strong wind and extremely bright sun. It’s scaring and inspiring at the same time. Are we ready to do this? Yes! We are!!!

Part 2 – 1 day after the journey

It was amazing, unforgettable, extreme, beautiful…

The pass was not so difficult as we thought it would be. Right physical preparation, homeopathy and supporting medicine helped us to feel fine and to overcome the pass easily.

csc_0117Day of rest in Muktinath, warming sauna, local tantric temple spiced our trecking up even more.

Slowly coming down we visited ancient Bon temple in Lucra and reached Kathmandu. Some of the participants visited safari park Chitvan with rhinos and elephants. We bought souvenirs, met tibetan doctor, received blessing from the Rinpoche and left home.

On arrival the world seemed to be like another planet. Difficult to describe…

After journeys like this I feel happy to be back, but always miss that other planet…

From previous experience I know, that the most important part of the journey begins after it is finished)

So it is just the beginning.

Of what?…

To be continued….


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