Sonia Kolasińska

What I enjoyed the most was the sequence of exercises. Starting with purifying yoga and breathing, followed by energizing and relaxing exercises, and finishing with the waking up of female and love energy. Wonderful! I liked that Nataliia was openly touching the topics of love making and  sexual energy, and she made it very natural and  comfortable. Although I’m usually not enjoying exercises in groups or pairs, especially not enjoying the touch of another person, the exercises done during the retreat felt great and very helpful. I felt like I actually opened up to other women and found myself kinder and more positive towards them. My only suggestions would be to start the day a little earlier (Leiden was still pretty close by to Amsterdam and the yoga studio was easily reachable) and perhaps do the first meditation and yoga outside. I would also be curious to talk with other women about their main reasons for doing such a retreat – perhaps during lunch we could take some time one by one and tell our motivations, hopes and goals?